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Abortion Clinic in Mexico: Profem

Contact us If you are interested in terminating your pregnancy in a legal and safe clinic in Mexico. We offer legal abortion services to women during the first 12 weeks of gestation. We have four abortion clinics in Mexico where we use the safest and most effective pregnancy termination methods: medical and surgical abortion.

About us

Profem is the first private clinic that opened its doors to legal abortion services in Mexico 14 years ago. Our goal is to support women’s right to make decisions about their bodies, as well as provide guidance and access to safe gynecological procedures.

We are recognized by the medical community as one of the best abortion clinics in Mexico due to our outstanding medical team, community outreach programs and patients’ satisfaction.

Our clinics are located in the following states: Mexico City, Pachuca, Tijuana y Mexicali.

Book an appointment with one of our certified doctors and specialists in Gynecology with more than 10 years of experience. All services are coordinated by Dr. Miguel Angel Barrón González , Gynecologyst (OBGYN).

Legal Termination of Pregnancy in Mexico

Gynecology service in Mexico City

General Questions of abortion in Mexico

What requirements do I need to have an abortion in Mexico City?

To request a legal abortion in Mexico City you need to be less than 12 weeks pregnant and present an Official Identification.

Can I request an abortion service if I am a minor?

If you are a minor, you must be accompanied by an adult with official identification. Bring your birth certificate or CURP and a valid photo ID.

What risks and complications can occur when performing an abortion?

The two procedures that we offer are very safe. However, the risks that exist are the same as those in any medical, surgical and anesthetic procedure. Our Dr. will discuss these risks in a personalized and confidential manner with each patient at their assessment appointment.

Can I get pregnant again after having an abortion?

15 days after completing an abortion, your fertility returns and you can get pregnant again if you have an active sexual relationship.

Is it safe to have an abortion at Profem clinics?

Yes, it is. At Profem we go beyond the authorized and recommended techniques by the medical community for the successful and safe performance of an abortion, we have more than 14 years of service that support us as one of the best abortion clinics.

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Profem Clinic facilities in Mexico City

Opinions of our Clients

A base de 72 reseñas
10. Julio, 2023.
Excelente servicio por parte del personal administrativo y del médico en turno que me atendió. Íbamos para un ILE y por ciertas circunstancias no se llevó a cabo porque no hubo embarazo como tal. Sin embargo, el médico siempre fue muy respetuoso, explicando de manera sencilla y entedible. Lo recomiendo ampliamente
Alba González Fernanda
Alba González Fernanda
4. Marzo, 2023.
Muy amables. Lugar recomendado para hacerse la ILE.
Yaretzi Fernanda Lino Lino
Yaretzi Fernanda Lino Lino
17. Noviembre, 2022.
Acabo de salir y tuve una excelente atencion ,desde recepción, las enfermeras ,los mèdicos ,lo recomiendo mucho ,e incluso tive la dicha y la visita de la directora de la clinica ,me voy con una buena experiencia ,aqui si respetan los precios y no te meten miedo como en otros centros .Muchisimas Gracias .
Itzel Gzz
Itzel Gzz
31. Agosto, 2022.
Me hice un procedimiento el día de hoy ILE, el doctor una persona demasiado respetuoso y me explico todo muy bien, no sentí absolutamente nada de dolor, puede llegar a ser intimidante a la hora de entrar a quirófano ( pero no hay nada de que preocuparse) es un procedimiento rápido y para cuando te recuperas estás en tu cuarto. La enfermera que me atendió sin lugar a una persona súper linda y amable, me ayudo a estar más tranquila.

Abortion laws are different in each state of the country. If you visit us from another state and want to consult your options or find a clinic in a particular state, visit our blog or contact us to give you more details and explain your best options.

Women’s Gynecological Health is Our Commitment.

15 years of medical service support us as one of the best abortion and Gynecology clinics in Mexico.

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